Put long hair in a loose plait secured with a covered band on the end while you sleep.

Swim in a chlorinated pool, your extensions will turn green!


Separate the bonds from each other at the root area. This stops them sticking together or getting entwined with your own hair. Begin by brushing the ends of your hair with a ProStyles’ soft bristle brush (available at Jam) using a downward movement gently removing any tangles. Then move up the hair until finally you place the brush near the root of the hair and brush thoroughly and firmly from the root right through to the ends, remembering to hold the extensions in the root area.

Don’t perm or colour your hair extensions.
Don’t use a balltip brush.
Don’t worry if a few of your extensions work loose
and come out. It is normal to lose one or two.
Don’t constantly play with your new hair
extensions as this will cause irritation to the scalp.


Separate the bonds and brush the hair before shampooing. Shampoo as required using the specially formulated ProStyles Frequent Use shampoo (available at Jam) as this will not damage the bonds or strip the colour from your hair. Shampoo your hair while in the shower as water and the hair both flow in a downward direction. Apply the shampoo all over and using your fingertips, gently massage the scalp area and stroke the shampoo into the extension, right down to the tips. Rinse thoroughly using clean running water and gently squeeze the extension hairstyle to remove excess water.

We recommend that you return to the salon for your first wash, but if this is not practical, do not shampoo for at least 24 hours after you have had your extensions applied. Don’t rub the hair vigorously while shampooing. Don’t twist the hair when drying. Don’t brush the hair when wet, you may use a wide toothcomb.


To keep your hair in top condition you should use ProStyles Daily Conditioning Spray (available at Jam) before brushing and apply ProStyles Conditioning Rinse after shampooing. Use Prostyles Conditioning Rinse (available at Jam) to condition your own hair and your extensions as required. Rinse hair afterwards in tepid water. Always hold extensions near the bonds while brushing to avoid placing unnecessary tension on the root area.

Don’t back-comb or back-brush your hair. Always brush downwards away from the roots. Don’t apply conditioner on the bonds themselves. Only put conditioner on the hair extensions from about midway to the tips.


Dry thoroughly before brushing or styling. Separate the extensions at the root area before drying so that they don’t stick together. Using a warm hairdryer, dry the bonds first before drying the rest of your hair. Once the roots and bonds are dry brush the extensions gently in the direction of hair growth, starting with the ends, gradually working back into the root area.

Don’t go to bed with wet hair. Don’t tie ponytails too tight. Don’t have the hairdryer heat setting on high.

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